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Me, my sister, and my mom came up with a variation on the music meme where you pick a song for every letter in the alphabet. So yeah, I'm gonna do that now (I'll try to avoid the 6 I already did for my name).
I'll do it twice in this journal, once normally, and once with me secondary playlist, which only contains songs from Red vs Blue and RWBY (two series by Rooster Teeth).
I'll also add an empty one so that it's easier to do it. <3

The Rules
- Have fun.
- Tag whoever you want, how many you want.
- Write down a song for every letter in the alphabet.
- If you don't have a song for a letter, try to find one, or just skip the letter.

A - All Hope Is Gone - Slipknot
B - Babel - Mumford And Sons
C - Centuries - Fall Out Boy
D - Don't Mess With Me - Temposhark
E - End Of All Days - 30 Seconds To Mars
F - Fences - Paramore
G - Gold - Sir Sly
H - Hide And Seek - Imogen Heap
I - Into The Ocean - Blue October
J - Joy - Temposhark (this one is double because I had 0 songs with a J and this was the first I could find that sounds good)
K - King - The Romanovs
L - Lucy - Skillet
M - Mercy - Hurts
N - Nothing Left To Say - Imagine Dragons
O - Oceaan - Racoon
P - Paradise Lost - Hollywood Undead
Q - Queen Of The Damned - koRn ft. Slipknot (surprisingly few songs starting with a Q)
R - Roads Untravelled - Linkin Park
S - Soldier On - The Temper Trap
T - Take Me To Church - Hozier
U - Uprising - Muse
V - Virgin - Manchester Orchestra
W - White Rabbit - Egypt Central
X - X Amount Of Words - Blue October
Y - You Me At Six - Little Death
Z - Zero - Smashing Pumpkins

A - A Girl Named Tex - Trocadero
B - Boss Battle - Jeff Williams
C - Contact - Trocadero
D - Donut - The Musical - Jeff Williams ft. Dan Godwin
E - Extracurricular - Jeff Williams
F - Funny Farm - Trocadero
G - Gold - Jeff Williams
H - Half Life - Trocadero
I - I May Fall - Jeff Williams
J - July - Trocadero
K - Kill The Director - Jeff Williams
L - Loom - Trocadero
M - Mirror Mirror - Jeff Williams
N - Now That We've Come So Far - Jeff Williams
O - On Your Knees - Jeff Williams
P - Pray - Jeff Williams
Q - 
R - Red Like Roses - Jeff Williams
S - Spiral - Jeff Williams
T - Time To Say Goodbye - Jeff Williams
U - 
V - Vanessa - Trocadero
W - When Your Middle Name Is Danger - Trocadero
X - 
Y - Your Best Friend - Jeff Williams
Z - 

A - 
B - 
C - 
D - 
E - 
F - 
G - 
H - 
I - 
J - 
K - 
L - 
M - 
N - 
O - 
P - 
Q - 
R - 
S - 
T - 
U - 
V - 
W - 
X - 
Y - 
Z - 


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Hey, did you get OR/AS?
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Not yet, no. I'm saving money for something else so it might be a while longer before I get Alpha Sapphire.
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Cool ^^

It's a short game again, but I liked it
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I suppose it's not any longer than Ruby and Sapphire, then. Not very surprising.
HamsterZerg Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
Can I use some of your Fakemon in a Fanfic I'm writing? I'll give you credit!
DarkNymfa Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No, sorry. I have my own plans with them so I would rather not have them be in other fanfics.
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